Tips for budget bathroom remodeling

Tips for budget bathroom remodeling

Tips for budget bathroom remodeling

Are you wanting to give a new touch to your bathroom? Do you want to add all important renovation ideas into your bathroom but worried about the excessive budget in the process? Fret not! You can give your bathroom a beautiful touch without worrying about the budget. Bathroom renovation in Perth is very much in fashion today, considering which a lot of companies have introduced a number of tips for a happy budget bathroom remodeling.

1. Keep plumbing where it exists:

A good idea to save money during the process of a bathroom renovation is using the existing piping that would surely help you to save a few bucks. You can get in touch with a professional of Bathroom renovation in Perth and the concerned professional shall do the service for you. Do not forget to dictate your budget to the company before you hire it.

2.  Mirror, mirror:

Mirrors are an important part of the bathroom and framing up the mirror will not only hide the age-related wear that your bathroom has but would also make your bathroom look much decorated at the very same time. Thus, add a frame around the mirror in order to hide the flaking which could happen around the edges, plus to make the mirror look appealing, of course.

3. Update the toilet:

Here is a pro tip for you. When you begin to remodel the bathroom, you must consider to replace the toilet seat and lid instead of actually tossing the whole porcelain perch out of the bathroom. Change these two tops and your toilet would be given a new look. This way, you would be able to save a lot of money including installation fees to the plumber.

4. Vanity of Furniture:

If you want to upgrade the vanity of your bathroom, it is always suggested to hunt for the antique and vintage dressers. The best deal is to find all these furniture in any flea market. The flea markets sell this furniture at a nominal price and you would easily be able to afford the same.

5 Alternatives to the tile:

The bath doesn’t require tile to the ceiling and hence you can always tackle the problem by the way of considering various alternatives such as board and batten, wooden panels, beadboard, and various other stuff as they happily serve as a good alternative to the tile. You can save your money too as these things do not cost you a bomb.

6.  Consider adding open shelves:

Bathroom serves as a private place, however, you can still experiment with the shelves and introduce the idea of open shelves in order to create an illusion of a bigger space in the bathroom which is otherwise small and compact. A few drawers, as well as covered baskets on to the high shelves, can easily house all your private items, but for the stuff like pretty looking soaps and washes, towels and various other bathroom décor – open shelves serve the best idea.

These easygoing tips will surely make sure that your bathroom gets a new touch with the least investment. Start with it now.